How to Build an Effective Private Blog Network (PBN)

Nobody other than me and my host have access to files on my server like my .htaccess file. This could be because theMoz, Majestic and Ahrefs do not show high metrics for it,even though the back links are good or this could be just due to human error. The biggest commonality that we found with de-indexed sites was that they were hosted on an IP address with a large number of other PBNs

If you wanted to buy Domain Recovery separately you can do that but it does cost $97 a month. The only person we want to have access to our service is Google. This is an easy way to fly under the radar of what most people think of as a PBN site

To do this, we are going to use this free web basedtool: Paste the URLs into the box. Just a quick for instance, say youre in the technology niche and you found a domain with links from sites like Mashable, Gizmodo, and Techcrunch. Hence, you cannot afford even a simple mistake. Most people dont use those platforms to host websites since its damn complex and technical. Reseller Hosting This involves purchasing a reseller hosting account and requesting additional IP addresses so each site is on a unique IP. However, unbeknownst to Google, these networks are linking strategically to promote one central target site. Obviously the higher the Pr and DA the better, but the higher you go the higher the price! Go through and find a few domains that fit my criteria, you can click add to fav list by clicking the eye next to the domain. You can be pretty sure, no one else would ever thought about such a silly title what in turn makes it unique and still relevant to your website URL. Lets say youre trying to build a network of 10 websites